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I'm now open to commissions! I draw mostly in the manga art style, but I can make efforts to draw in another style. I am specialized in the animation of nude girls but I can also make classic drawings.

If you want examples of what I do, you can visit my gallery ➡️ https://charlieprout.newgrounds.com/art


What I draw:

  • Humanoid Characters (Human, Monster girls, Anthro, Robot, etc)
  • Furry (But know that I don't have much experience with Furry)
  • Explicite NSFW or SFW


What I don't:

  • Gore/Scat/Bestiality/BDSM/Anything hardcore 
  • Extremely detailed mechanics/creatures
  • Something political or highly controversial





How to order

  • Read the terms of service below
  • Ask me by PM. I'll ask you for more details via PM if needed.
  • I'll tell you the price. If you decided to order, reply me your mail address for paypal payment.
  • I'll send you a paypal invoice. After payment I'll start working.
  • If the commission takes time, you will receive WIP.
  • After I finish the work, I'll send it to your email (which you used for the payment) and you will receive a note on Newgrounds.

Terms of service for all commissions

Payments are sent through Paypal invoices. They must be paid in full before any work on my part. You will not receive any progress of the work and even less the complete work until payment has been made.

The complexity of the work required may result in additional costs. All commission details must be provided before the Paypal invoice is sent in order for these costs to be taken into account.

You may not use the work done for commercial purposes. If you want to use the work done for commercial purposes, you must report this before sending the Paypal invoice and this will incur additional costs. The amount of these costs will depend on the use of the work.

You cannot request changes more than twice and these requests must be made when the work in progress is shown to you. However, it is possible to make additional changes if there has been a misunderstanding during previous exchanges. This undertaking is not binding and may be refused if it is deemed that you are abusing this system. If you want to make more changes, this may result in additional costs. No changes can be made once the work is completed.

The commission will be used on social networks and on this website for promotional purposes. If you do not want the commission to be used in the cases presented above, there will be additional costs. The amount of these costs will depend on the nature of the commission. You must ask that the commission remain private before the invoice is sent so that these costs can be calculated. If you do not pay these costs, the work will not be delivered to you.

The work done will remain the property of the artist who did the work. The person who requested the commission will under no circumstances own the work done. Characters, logos and all fictional elements remain the property of their creators.